Our partners are Accredited Tax Advisors registered with the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP) for both Income Tax and GST specializations.

We have sufficient number of professional tax staff to form a department employing quality control over the process of our tax service delivery. Our tax managers have more than 20 years of tax experience in SMEs and the large number of SME clients provide a large database of current common tax issues and focus.

We have direct access to a firm of tax lawyers who were previously from the tax authorities. Their contact and knowledge improve the resolution of tax disputes.

Our Lotus Notes application also facilitates collaboration with audit and corporate secretarial matters, sharing pertinent information available with a large pool of clients and relevant to tax issues.

We have subscribed to a rich resource library of tax cases and commentaries and updates from the IRAS. Our staff make continuing references to IRAS e-tax guides for most of our tax work.

Our approach is that no client should be paying tax they should not pay. A result of this philosophy is a constant search for tax efficiency for our clients.


Tax Advisory

We are usually involved in the early stages of tax structure planning to design a most tax efficient structure for individuals, companies and groups. We provide advice on interpretation of tax rulings and tax treatment of various transactions. Collaboration with both audit and secretarial aspects provides a comprehensive approach to tax advisory services.

Tax Compliance

Tax Computation and filing of tax returns are necessary annually. One main objective is to reduce errors in the tax computation and filing of tax returns. Our supervisory system helps to mitigate the risk of errors arising from income tax submission.

We assist clients in preparing and/or review response to IRAS annual review of selected clients to avoid unwarranted implications from unintended erroneous or misleading replies.

We assist clients in handling tax disputes and advance ruling applications.

Our access to audit and corporate secretarial work helps to alert us of any potential tax issues before it is too late.


Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) schemes are susceptible to errors especially where the scheme is new and this is made riskier when IRAS conducts frequent checks on PIC claims. Our role is to address the effect of the erroneous claims and assess how to approach an appeal for amendment to the claims with minimal penalties.

We provide review and advice on PIC claims before submission to mitigate any risks of errors.

Our audit process also constantly looks out for any possible erroneous claims which may result in hefty penalties when first discovered by IRAS.


We have successfully assisted a number of our clients in renewing their MES through the Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) verification work.

MES renewal requires verification by SIATP members only using ASK provided by IRAS.


For larger clients with voluminous transactions, Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP) is the preferred GST compliance procedure as it is the indicator of the level of effectiveness of the overall GST controls most efficient means of continual GST compliance.


We provide service to help companies and businesses to submit GST Registration calculators to assess their liabilities to register for GST. Our audit procedures also alert clients of their impending liabilities to register.

We also assisted clients in preparing the IRAS Annual review. Our role is to address the errors in the GST returns and assess how to approach an appeal for amendment to the errors with minimal penalties.

Our audit process also constantly looks out for any possible errors in GST returns and mitigate any possible hefty penalties under the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Our Accounting department assists in the preparation of the monthly or quarterly GST returns of clients as a natural extension of their monthly or quarterly bookkeeping work. In addition, we provide review of the GST returns prepared by our clients' staff to minimize errors in their GST returns.

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